Brick retaining walls
Our Bricklaying Services include walls, fences and retaining walls.

At Stone & Brick Masonry Group, we offer the best bricklaying services within the surrounding Chicago suburbs.  Whether a small repair or a completely new project, we will complete your project on time and budget. We use high quality mortar for all our bricklaying work, which ensures that our bricklaying work lats a long time. We offer several different layout styles to best match your existing construction when it comes to repair work.

Brick patterns are known as Bonds in the bricklaying industry. The most common type of brick bonds include the Stretcher Bond, Common bond, English Bond, English Cross Bond sometimes known as Dutch Bond and the Flemish Bond.

Our bricklaying services include:
  • General Bricklaying
  • Tuckpointing
  • Brick Repair
  • Glass Block setting
  • Chimneys
  • Driveway paving
  • Building restoration
  • Custom brick work
When is a repair needed?

With Chicago's always changing weather, bricks can be damaged from the stress they resist from the temperature & humidity changes. If you see crumbling or cracks appearing, we recommend a repair to prevent the need for a complete replacement.

Small Repairs

Sometimes small issues creep up within your homes exterior walls. When they do, you need a brick repair professional to correct the issues before they get out of hand. Usually small cracks can form within the walls due to the heat and cold constantly contracting and expanding within the brick and mortar year after year, sometimes water and wind can cause the a breakdown of the mortar leaving an open gap in the wall that needs to be fixed right away. If you don't fix your small crack, it could lead to insects or more water getting into the walls and allowing for more costly damage beneath the surface.

Our team has the expertise to go beyond just repairing the wall, but doing it right the first time. From matching patterns to finding a brick that best fits the color and style of your current buildings wall, we offer great, affordable services to fix all of your issues!

We can correct the following problems:

  • Walls that lean or collapse by repairing them with new mortar or brick
  • Restore retaining walls and fences to their original condition
  • Chimneys that lean or that have deteriorated from the elements, we can rebuild them by repairing loose mortar to make your chimney usable again
  • Driveways and sidewalks that have issues from exposure to snow, salts, oils, water cracks and organic growth. We can remove broken bricks, install new mortar with new bricks in the effected areas and even waterproof them for increased longevity.
  • Water damaged brick areas like foundations and basements can be corrected by chiseling away at the worn and effected areas and restore them, preventing further damage from mother nature.

New Construction Projects

When choosing a new construction project, you want the best possible team at the helm. This means you want quality people that understand what your needs are, how to get the job done right, efficiently and on budget.

Project Types

Over the last decade we have created many different projects for our clients. See our gallery for examples.
Some of the most popular work we do includes:

  • Traditional walls including walls on homes, exterior and interior.
  • Retaining walls that hold the ground in place or they guide along driveways
  • Patios, sidewalks and staircases going up into your homes main entryway
  • Outdoor BBQ pits and backyard concrete decks
  • Fireplace installations both interior and exterior
  • Pillar work for fencing and flagpoles
  • Brick and Stone fences for privacy
  • Lintel Installations above your doors and windows, strengthening your walls
  • Glass Block Walls for your home
  • Stair Steps

Material Types

We work with various materials such as common firebrick, faced brick, concrete blocks, stone, structural tiles and other products like terra cotta and gypsum block just to name a few.

Common firebrick or just brick is a clay and shale based block that it usually dried in a kiln. It's the most common type of material used today when building homes and it's the least to maintain as well.

Stone comes in many different shapes, types and forms but the most popular styles are the stacked stone and the flagstone. Stacked stone is comprised of taking stones and tightly stacking them together forming a wall with showing as little mortar as possible. Flagstone, usually a bit more affordable, offers the look of a more antique look of homes form yesteryear.

We also offer brick veneers, sometimes called faux brick. This is a cost effective alternative to a traditional full sized brick, although it's purely for aesthetic purposes and offers little to no benefit when it comes to protecting your home or business.

Colors Can Effect the Look

Choosing a nice color for your wall is just as important as choosing the material itself. Believe it or not, there are many different colors on the brick palette to pick from. Some of the most popular are red, burgundy, orange, white and tan. Some clients even mix them up to create their own custom walls too.

Pattern or Bonding Types

Did you know there are many different ways that we can lay down your bricks? Patterns (better known as bonds) are just as important as choosing the brick itself and the color or the materials that you're going to use.

The most common bonds are the Stretcher and the English style bond. Stretcher bonds are stacked using each join below or above by roughly half of a brick. The pattern is pleasing to the eye and makes for a great strong wall. English bonds on the other hand are similar to their counterparts except they feature alternating stretcher bonds and header bonds.

The Flemish Bond or sometimes called the Flemish Garden Bond is one where full bricks are laid down and in-between you have smaller half sized bricks. They are the same height, but their width or thickness alternates every other brick. This creates a eye catching look that many people seem to like.

Finally, the Stack Bond is a very simple easy to install pattern. It doesn't require any cutting of bricks and is very simply laid one on top of the other, no alternation between rows, just bricks stacked up and down in a straight line. You normally find these types of bonds on businesses or commercial buildings.


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