Bricklaying Services

Our bricklaying services include anything related to bricks. Whether a small repair, or a completely new project, we can help you complete your plan on time and budget while maintaining a high level of workmanship. We use high quality mortar for all our bricklaying work, which ensures that our bricklaying work will last a long time.

Bricklaying Services

At Stone & Brick Masonry Group, we offer the best bricklaying services within the surrounding Chicago suburbs.  We offer several different styles or veneer's to clients when it comes to repair work to best match your existing construction, from running or stretching bonds to English and common bond styles, our company prides itself in having the knowledge and expertise in construction designs.

Bricklaying  styles
Our Bricklaying Services include walls, fences and retaining walls.

Small Repairs

We offer bricklaying repairs for your home, office, church or business. Cold weather conditions within the Barrington, Palatine, Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Bloomingdale and Elgin areas often make bricks and the mortar within them break down over time. This is due to moisture and humidity, the weather temperature becoming warm and cold, expanding and contracting the bricks within your building. 

Over time this can cause cracks, breaks and an eventual breakdown of the brick within the wall, leaving large cracks or worse, failure of the wall. 

Our team has the expertise to go beyond just repairing the wall, but doing it right the first time. From matching the pattern, finding a brick that best matches the color and style of your current buildings wall, we offer great, affordable services to fix your issues!

We can help correct the following:

  • Building walls
  • Retaining walls and fences
  • Chimneys 
  • Driveways and sidewalks
  • Water damaged brick areas

New Construction Projects

The great thing about new construction jobs in Chicago with bricks and bricklaying is that you have a wide selection of styles to choose from in your color, your pattern and bond styles, tuck points and the like.

Good bricklaying procedures demands having a good ye for great workmanship as well as efficiency too. Our bricklayers work both internally and externally, including the homes of customers and on building sites, in all weather conditions on small and major projects. the team here will interpret drawings, set out and measure, construct and finish to a high standard.

From working safely and tidily with resilience and endurance through to exceptional planning and scheduling, concentration, precision, accuracy and attention to detail to achieve an excellent finish every step in the process matters and mistakes are largely irreversible and very costly.

Additionally, we use high quality mortar designed to help withstand our harsh weather during the winter. By using Cold Weather Masonry Construction methods, we change our procedures, adjust our water requirements with the use of portland cement, we can build brick walls that can last a lifetime!

Contact one of our agents today to setup an appointment to meet with us about your upcoming new construction project. We would be happy to provide you great ideas on brick styles, layouts and provide quotes in the process.


Our bricklaying services include:
  • General Bricklaying
  • Tuckpointing
  • Brick Repair
  • Glass Block setting
  • Chimneys
  • Driveway paving
  • Building restoration
  • Custom brick work
When is a repair needed?

With Chicago's always changing weather, bricks can be damaged from the stress they resist from the temperature & humidity changes. If you see crumbling or cracks appearing, we recommend a repair to prevent the need for a complete replacement.

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