Stone & Brick Masonry Group offers a complete line of solutions for your structural needs. From indoor fireplace repair and remodeling, broken chimneys, damaged lintels to retaining walls, patios and structure walls, our team can provide the best solution for your families needs. If you see crumbling or cracks appearing, we recommend a repair to prevent the need for a complete replacement. Avoid a costly new structure and get it repaired instead!

brick repair

Chimney Repairs

brick chimney restoration
Full Chimney Restoration

Masonry chimneys often breakdown for a variety of reasons, including weather and regular wear. Breakdown can cause issues within your residence beyond what the eye can see.
Sometimes damage is caused by water seeping into the back of the mortar, many times it's the weather that has a part in the damage. Extreme temperature changes throughout the year expand and contract the mortar causing it to deteriorate. In some cases original bad construction can be the cause.
Because most chimneys are above your home's roof-line, they require a little extra attention than other areas of your home. Because chimneys are more susceptible to the elements, they tend to absorb more water damage than any other area of your home. One of the ways to prevent water damage is through waterproofing. We use a water-based repellent called Chimney Saver, which has been specifically designed for chimneys. The product is applied to the masonry and creates a protected layer that repels moisture, is mold and mildew resistant and helps against freezing and thawing which is damaging to bricks and masonry.
Fireplace Restoration and remodeling is another service that we offer. The great thing about our art-form is that we can help restore chimneys to their original, working condition. Homeowners enjoy the classic look of their architecture and they wish to restore their chimney to the look and feel of yesteryear.

Some homeowners will want a simple facelift to the interior of their fireplace, making it looking new again for their interior remodel job or they might want an more updated look to the outside of their home. When remodeling, we typically remove pieces of the fireplace that have been structurally damaged due to fires over the years, sometimes replacing with similar bricks and then using brick veneers or stone like stacked stone, we create a brand new look for your home. Chimney remodeling is affordable and best of all, it looks great and is still functional too.

brick chimney repair One of the most overlooked issues with chimney repair is the lining of the chimney, called the chimney flue. When dealing with a leaning or cracked chimney, chances are that the flue has been damaged in some form or fashion and if that happens you will need to get it repaired as soon as possible, otherwise you risk further damage to your structure.

Another cause of a chimney flue problems may be from an incorrect installation, as many flues are made with some form of tile and mortar. Having a fire in your fireplace doesn't help things either if your chimney flue is damaged, the fire can cause faster buildup of creosote which is corrosive to mortar if left uncleaned.

We recommend that if you're having masonry issues with your fireplace, that you have us inspect the flue. This is something that we can provide when doing a remodel of your existing fireplace or a complete restoration to it's original beauty.  You will have peace of mind with our long lasting warranty as we use only the highest quality materials on the market when working on projects.

No matter what the issue may be, we are here to help!
Many times we are able to fix your damaged chimney and save it from collapsing with a rebuild of the existing chimney. 

Fireplace Design, Building & Remodeling

stone fireplace
Single Faced Fireplace Installation

Most people are reluctant to consider options for redoing a fireplace even though they know it will make a world of difference in cost savings, heating your home and aesthetic appeal. 

There are many options for fireplace remodeling ranging from simple fascia makeovers to complete overhauls by updating the style and look with new brick or stacked stone. When you update the center piece of your room, you bring it back to life for your friends and family to enjoy for decades to come!

Most fireplaces are what's known as a single-faced fireplace meaning only one side is open to the room. These are great for heating the main living area of your home, typically a living room or den. They create a focal point within the room, as everything else is designed around it, so it makes smart sense to have your fireplace remodeled for a fresh, clean look.

The same applies to homes with double-faced fireplaces, where your fire-pit is opened on two sides and is usually placed in the center of a building rather than the side of the residence. Most people use a fireplace in the center of the dining room and living room. These types of fireplaces are more associated with a contemporary design, additionally the fires themselves use less energy to burn since oxygen is approaching the fire from two sides rather than one.

If you choose to build a new fireplace, know there are many different designs to choose from. As mentioned above, there are the single-faced and doubles-faced designs, and with those there are various versions of each style.

For example, the Rumford Style fireplace is a single-sided design that feature very wide slanted sides, a high opening and a shallow depth. These fireplaces usually do not retain heat as well as a Rosin Style fireplace as these types of units have a curved back to the firepit itself, which increase heat storage and radiation. One of the benefits of a Rosin style fireplace is it can be retrofit into an existing chimney flue very easily making them a popular and affordable choice when remodeling your fireplace. Our professional staff can work with you to help create the right fireplace that meets your need and your home.

Privacy & Retaining Walls

Brick Wall

We repair brick and stone privacy and retaining walls. A retaining wall can be damaged by vehicles in the driveway, sometimes a fallen tree can cause the structure damage, other times it could be mother nature talking it's course.

Upon inspection, our team can determine what crack lines need to be repaired, replace any brick or stones in sections of the wall that maybe have been weathered or damaged by the elements, dig out any bad mortar and repair your wall back to it's original condition.

Lintel Repair & Replacement

lintel replacement
Decayed Lintel Replacement

If your brick structure has issues with doors or windows not closing or opening properly, chances are you might have a lintel problem. The lintel beam is a beam that is above your window or door frame. The purpose of the lintel is to keep the brick or stonework and mortar from falling down, think of it like a support beam for your wall.

Lintel beams fail because they have to uphold the massive amount of weight above it and over time gravity makes them more vulnerable to failure. When this happens you usually notice cracks within the bricks or cracks above the lintel itself. Repairing the lintel is an important process of keeping your homes structure in great structural shape. 

Outdoor Living

stone patio
Stone Steps & Patio

Nothing brings a family together like expanding an outdoor living area of patios, privacy walls, outdoor BBQ's and fire pits.

Because your outdoor living areas are always open to the elements, they can become in need of repair. Stone & Brick Masonry Group can correct these structures and ensure that will fit naturally with your current stonework and landscaping. We specialize in crack repair, brick restoration and custom repairs for various landscaping arrangements.

From general pressure washing to masonry repair, we can help you bring your outdoor living spaces back to life with our services.

We also specialize in other areas of your property too which include:

  • Patios & Outdoor Spaces
  • New Deck Remodeling
  • Patio Repair & Replacements
  • Limestone Repair
  • Fireplaces & Firepits
  • Porch Stairs & Landings
  • Walkways & Driveways
  • Glass Block Replacement

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