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Our tuckpointing services will give you peace of mind knowing that your repairs will be completed right, the first time around. We offer great rates on removing old loose mortar and cleaning debris, replacing the mortar to match the existing mortar around it and repairing the structural frame of the wall just as it was when new. We are your local source for full masonry repair and new construction for your home or business here in the City of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Chimney Repair, Relining & Rebuilding

rebuilt chimney crown

We can also repair your damaged chimney, restoring it back to it’s original condition. If you have issues with your chimney leaning, cracks in the chimney due to weather damage or excessive temperature conditions, then repairing or relining your chimney may be needed.

Depending on the severity of the damaged smokestack, you may need to completely rebuild the smokestack. We offer chimney rebuilding services as well.

Stone and Brick Repairs

Old Bricks

Stone & Brick Masonry Group offers stone and brick repairs and replacement. If you have crumbling concrete steps, loose bricks in your walls or cracked structures, you will need to get them repaired quickly, as water or insects could enter further increasing damage to the structure.

Even worse, your wall can fall due to the weight load being uneven or too top heavy, causing more damage and more costly repairs. It is important to have a solid structure and educate yourself on brick and mortar repairs to confidently hire a contractor.


If you have a small or minor brick wall crack, sometimes caulking might be the best option for your repair. While caulking will never last the lifespan of traditional mortar, it is a good option in small areas that need repair.

We understand there are many types of caulking products and tools on the market. Our skilled staff uses the correct types for repairing crack or holes within mortar, around lintel door, window frames, bricks and sensitive areas such as chimney tops to assure a job well done.


When you think about waterproofing you rarely think about your homes brick or stone exterior. While many types of brick can withstand moisture, bricks are not waterproof themselves. Usually bricks are soft baked in a kiln making them weather resistant. As wind-driven rain hit the exterior and repeated hot and cold weather beats down on these walls, it sometimes creates porous entryways for water to seep through. When this happens, you need a professional to waterproof your brick structure to extend its lifespan.

We have the tool-sets and knowledge to waterproof your home’s structure and prevent leaks from coming into brick homes. Ask us about out waterproofing services today to see if it’s right for you.

Chemical Cleaning & Pressure Washing

power washed brick wall Your brick's surface can become covered in mold and mildew, or discolored due to carbon deposits and other biological growth over time from exposure to the outdoors. We also offer chemical cleaning and pressure washing services that can restore your bricks appearance.

Our mild chemical cleaning removers are applied and then washed off removing the pollution dirt and grime leave on masonry surfaces. Additionally, our power washing can easily clean organic growth like mold spores, dirt buildup from the wind and even paint if needed.

Lintel Replacement

Brick Lintel Properly installing a lintel is extremely important, otherwise the weight of the brick or stonework above your doors and windows can breakdown and collapse.

These load bearing beams carry the weight of the structure above it, many times when they are installed incorrectly, they are the first to fail on your home. When this happens, we can step in to fix your lintel problems. Replacing a lintel is a smart way to repair your structure if the loading bearing weight has weakened it to begin with. We properly remove the old lintel, including any loose mortar and pieces around it, install the new one and even tuckpoint any loose mortar around it to allow it to support the weight above it and stop additional damage.

Glass Block Installation

Glass Block installation is one of the newer, more interesting features a home can have today. Glass Block construction comes with many great features. Glass Blocks allow sunlight to enter into your home and they help lower your energy costs by not having to run as much electricity during the day time to light your home's interior.

There are many different styles of block on the market including diamond glass block and wave glass block, they keep your privacy while letting that natural sunlight in, brightening a room to its fullest potential.  From windows to walls, we can help you select a great glass block product to enhance your homes appeal.

Flat Wall & Parapet Wall Rebuilding

Parapet Wall Rebuildin

Most people don't realize that parapet walls usually show one of the first signs that you have water issues on the exterior of your home or office. This is because the parapet wall is exposed on two sides to weather elements causing it to fail faster than a traditional one-sided exterior wall surface.

A parapet wall is where the roof of your building meets and surpasses it along one or all sides of the building. It is a great aesthetic way to make your structure look modern and professional, although it doesn’t serve much of a purpose other than hiding mechanical systems like HVAC, pipes and the like.

From cracking to breaking down, you will start to experience a failure and having your parapet wall rebuilt is necessary for it to become structurally sound again.

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